Ever look at your local Craigslist regarding web services

Man… Makes me realize how important it is to have a niche skill. So much competition.

One listing I saw saying $50/mo to host photos haha. It’s free with several providers although the interface isn’t as straight forward. I could see how lucrative hosting reselling might be but I also wonder about easy/ready to go sites/builders vs these guys posting on craigslist.

Ahh crap… Dime a dozen gotta learn something new/good or solve some problem/build a business(but what?)

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5 thoughts on “Ever look at your local Craigslist regarding web services

  1. Bermudese on Reply

    Where the hell do you live? All I ever see are listings requiring a senior full stack dev (multiple frameworks, of course) willing to work for $12-$15/hour.

  2. ccricers on Reply

    It’s tough to sift through for web dev jobs in certain categories. Like the gigs sections need to have more options to filter, because “computer gigs” can mean anything from writing eBay listings to fixing someone’s printer.

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