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A simple freelance blog about all things freelance. Learn about freelance work and how to become an expert freelancer. Working at home in a freelance job means that you are not guaranteed a regular pay cheque. But the advantage is that you can make a lot more money.

Working as a freelance writer can be lucrative. Your business could involve writing text for web pages, writing articles and submitting them, being a ghost writer for a busy executive, proof reading, and even just basic data entry.

Knowing how to use the internet is helpful because often you will be asked to write about subjects where your own knowledge is very limited.

Working at home as a free lance web designer can be profitable if you understand web site design and are a bit of a techie! According to recent reports, 53% of small businesses now have a website. This means that there are still 47% of businesses that do not have a web presence/

Freelance Writers – How To Get Paid On Time Every Time

Freelance Writers – How To Get Paid On Time Every Time

A Guide to Prompt Payment for Freelance Writers

You've hated the small stuff, managed to write sublime copy and get it in on time, thrilled the client and even submitted an invoice. And then the payment date arrives and passes without the longed for cheque in the mail and you wait and wait and then wait some more while your client enjoys longer credit terms than most developing countries. Meanwhile, your creditors set up camp on your doorstep and your credit card company looks to have your phone number on speed-dial. What can you do?

Strong-arm tactics and threatening emails are seldom a good idea if you want to maintain an on-going relationship with your client (that is, get more work) so how can you get paid on time without resorting to unpleasantness?

For a start, you could avoid the following mistakes:

Forgetting to send the invoice promptly

This is a common mistake for new freelancers to make and the surest way to go broke very quickly. Your invoice should be sent at the same time as your completed article. Do not whatever you do wait for a reminder from your client – it may be a very long and fruitless wait. Be professional and invoice promptly.

Delaying collection calls

If you have not received your payment by the due date on your invoice, telephone your client immediately. If your client (or the accounts department, depending on the size of the operation) claims not to have received your invoice, send another. Wait a few days and then call back to ensure it has arrived and is being processed. Ask for the expected payment date. Follow it up closely until you get paid.

Beating about the bush

Do not be afraid to ask directly for payment. You've already earned it and you deserve to get paid. Too often, freelance writers shy away from being direct about money for fear of seeming greedy. Get real – only amateurs do not expect to get paid. Ask for a specific amount to be paid by a specific date.

Sounding desperate

Do not tell your client (or the accounts department) that if they do not pay, you will not be able to feed yourself or your family (even if this is the case). Not only does this reflect badly on your business acumen, it allows your client to push for better terms of payment. You do not have to explain why you want the money. The invoiced payment is late and your client owes it to you. It's as simple as that.

Being nasty

Talking tough is almost always interpreted as rudeness or disrespect. Remain polite and professional even if your client is apparently avoiding your calls. Be exceptionally polite but relentless until you receive your payment.

Try to discover the reasons for the late payment

Do not ask why they have not paid you on time. You will only get embroiled in your client's accounting procedures. Just ask for your payment politely.

Ask how much they can afford to pay

If you ask your client how much of the full amount he or she can afford to pay, you are at his or her mercy. This may come as an awful shock but they are not always going to be absolutely honest with you. Instead, take charge of the negotiations from the beginning. If you can not get the full payment straight away, set a new deadline. Only offer a payment plan as the very last resort. If you do, ask that a specific amount be paid immediately and then set the remaining payments.

Pushing after you've got a promise

Once your client has agreed to make the payment, do not keep pushing them for reasons or explanations. It will ruin the relationship and the prospect of future work. Get the specifics of the payment, thank your client and finish the conversation on a positive note.

Being unprepared

Calling customers without being positive which invoice they have not paid only makes you look inefficient. It also means you have to call them back again. Before you make the first call, have all of the details in front of you. Review them. Be prepared for any objection.

Keeping no records

Do not rely on your memory alone to keep track of everything. Write down a record of every conversation and all actions that are taken. Keep a record of what time you spoke to your client. If you spoke to someone in the accounts department, make a note of the person's name and title. It does not really matter whether you jot down the record on the invoice or whether you add it to your computer record. The important point is to remember to date the record and the output of the conversation and to keep it somewhere accessible.

Allowed your computer to manage your credit

Sending computer-generated reminder notices might make you feel efficient but sadly those anonymous looking forms will not motivate anyone to take action on your payment. Instead, get to know the people who are in charge of paying your invoices. Send thankyou notes to the secretary and accounts staff who pushed your invoice payment through.

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Written by Marie-Louise Small

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Finding a Quality Freelance Graphics Designer

Finding a Quality Freelance Graphics Designer

Would not we all love to be great with Photoshop? The fact is, it looks easier than it is. The realization sets in at some point that you are spending way too much time trying to learn and get the job done. Are your photos actually actually making your website nice? Probably not as nice as it could be. And honestly, your website means everything to your business nowdays. Ensuring that it is awesome and people want to return will require a good graphics designer. The best way to achieve this? Hire one online.

Whether you are looking for website design, logo design, tee shirts, posters, banners, business cards, etc. a freelancer can provide quality work at affordable prices.

First you will want to search the numerous freelancing sites available to find what the best fit is for you / your company. Next, decide what you want to spend. If your budget is low, no worries. There are many freelance designers out there who are good at what they do but are just beginning and are willing to do the jobs a little cheaper in order to build their portfolio. Sometimes the designer you hire is even from another country with a lower cost of living and will charge according to that. Or, in the interim, you have the option to hire expert graphic designers who will charge more and give high quality guaranteed work.

So now that you've gone through the sites, and found a few potential candidates, you will need to decide who you should pick. A few tips help you along:

• Make sure you get samples of their past work. Do you like it? Keep in mind that style means everything. Most designers stick to their own style and do not necessary always match yours.
• Ask for references, and call them.
• Ask for an agreement – You will be the sole owner of all rights to the work, you will receive all files via electronic mail in case you ever need to make changes, hourly rate / fixed rate / expenses.
• Be clear and consistent with your directions, and let it be known that you will at times change your mind.

This is absolutely worth all of the effort. Your image matters. Your first impression matters, your company matters. The better you look, the more you will make.

In addition, you may make a contact with a graphics designer who is incredible and can work with you in an ongoing relationship.

Finally, if you are wondering what your job or project would normally cost, do some research on the internet to find out the going rates and compare. I would say the norm right now is anywhere between $ 35 and $ 45 dollars and hour. However, if you are able to agree on a fixed rate, do it!

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Written by Kelly Y Martin

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How to Get the Best Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

How to Get the Best Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

Many freelance writings make the mistake in the beginning of the writing career by going to freelance writings bidding site and they get paid low for their article. I have very few writers they earn $ 5 per article and this article they should earn $ 50 to $ 100 for that same jobs. Actually, I will tell you site that you earn $ 100 to $ 1000 per job later in this post. These are the following ways to get best paying online freelance writings job opportunity.

Online forums: This is a great way to get writing jobs especially internet marketing forums because this was internet marketers are, and they need to put content on their website the content they need varies from 100 to 250 words. The best part of it is that you will charge the amount you want per article.

Classified ads: This is another great way to get high paying freelance jobs. This is done by putting you ads on classified ads site, this one is like the previous one too because you set your price for the job you do and before you know it you will have a lot of jobs in your mail box.

Putting up a site: This is a little bit expensive and technical but it real pays a lot. This one too you set your price and your clients have full confidence in you to give you their jobs, once you have done first few jobs very, they will start referring them selves to you.

Some secret site: These are site that pays writers to write for them. Actually, it may be hard fro beginners to get their site and they really pay. They pay as much as $ 100 – $ 1500 per article. This may be hard for you, but I have over 42 sites that pay this amount.

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Written by Daniel Israel

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Freelance Jobs – The Best Tips to Make Money Online

Freelance Jobs – The Best Tips to Make Money Online

From the past decade, the technology which we are seeing now has changed the entire world as a globe of opportunities. Even you can earn money from your home by converting you as a freelance writer. There are lots of website in internet, are offering these freelance jobs, all that you need to do is a small search on these site. With the help of these making money online is so easy. Every organization around the world has established for a core activity, besides, they are having lots of non-core activities.This is called out sourcing, which one is the popular business from the past decade. Every company needs this outsourcing do business competitively. If you need a free lance project, there are lots of freelance online and several good web sites to match buyers and provides for these projects. Creative or descriptive article writing and complete web site design and many more categories are coming under these freelance jobs.

You must be able to work independently and meet project deadlines to successful at freelancing and to actually make money online from it. You are the boss in this job and show your skills and qualifications that you have. For doing these jobs, all that you need to have a little bit knowledge about computer and Internet. And for some jobs it is a little bit high like operating systems and software skills. This computer literacy will decide what freelance job categories are you qualified for. You can join to number of job sites to bid for freelance jobs to make money online. Lots of web sites are offering these services for free of cost, once you win a bid and accept the project; you need to pay few dollars that you can pay for monthly or yearly basis. The best suggestion is to pay a flat fee, it is better to join in monthly basis. Depends upon which category you are selected, the fees can be added up to hundreds of dollars for each month. Some categories like web design project, you will get thousands of dollars or more for one or two weeks.

Finding a freelance job is very easy, but there is no guarantee that you will make good money as a freelance writer. You must have a good attitude and right mind set in order to make money online that you desire. You are working from home that means you tend to lost motivation and concentration. As most freelance projects required a time frame for you to complete the jobs, so not completing the jobs in time or doing a poor job will ruin your opportunities of getting more projects from an employer.

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Written by Thom Cherish

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How To Become A Freelance English Teacher

How To Become A Freelance English Teacher

For years now English teachers have been in demand in almost every country in the world where English is not the native language. The good part is jobs have always come easy for native English speakers. The bad part is the pay is relatively low compared to Western standards. However, becoming a freelance English teacher can earn you a much higher income.


When you begin your freelancing in a new country, it's important to be familiar with the culture and customs. Spend some time researching the country and its people. It helps to know a few words and phrases. Also, research the average pay for employed English teachers as well as freelancers. Most information is readily available on the internet. Go onto related forums and read articles about people who have done it.


Decide how much you will need to live. This is where the research comes in handy. You will typically need a little extra to get started. It may take 6-8 weeks to start developing a regular income. Conservatively speaking, set aside two months worth of expenses. There's nothing worse than having no money in a foreign land.


You can start doing these weeks before you even arrive thanks to the wonders of social networking websites. Use sites such as Facebook to find people who are teaching abroad. Also, search for websites that are dedicated to teaching abroad. There are many generic and country specific websites on this topic. If you work hard enough and have a bit of luck, you might even get some students the week you land.

Once you do arrive, start advertising and networking as soon as possible. It could take a few weeks to develop a base of students. I recommend putting up posters around schools and using email to contact schools who have students who might need outside tutoring. You can even list yourself on Craig's List or other local classified ads.

Many teachers start by at an English school and freelance part-time on evenings and weekends. You have easy access to students that way. You get to know other teachers and build a network that way.


This is probably the most important part because a bulk of your business will come from referrals. This is where the research you have done about customs comes in tender. If you know how a country's students typically learn, you can cater to that environment. If you are a good teacher, you will have many students. If you do your job well, you will have a full schedule within six months. You will have more students then you can handle.


Generally speaking, students & parents want you to have teaching credentials such as a teaching degree plus a foreign teaching certification such as CELTA. Also, they want you to be a native English speaker. In practice, you can get work both freelance and at a school without these qualifications, but it is a good foot in the door and you get jobs easier.

It is important to note the legal ramifications of freelancing. You provided to have a work permit and / or reporting your income. Many teachers freelance without doing this. If you get talked, it could mean deportation and you could be banned from the country. That is why many teachers will teach at a school for the work permit. Research the laws in your country of choice.

In the end, one could make a career in teaching English. Teaching can be very rewarding. With freelancing you have the opportunity to set your own hours and earn a higher wage. Best of all, you can live in many different countries and experience many cultures.

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Written by Magnus Leven

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Breaking Into Online Freelance Writing

Breaking Into Online Freelance Writing

There are many different ways to break into the freelance writing business, especially with the way the Internet has created massive amounts of content, and even more demand for more content. Because of this, there are many ways for even the most novice of writers to break into a writing career through entry level jobs or websites.

One of the major benefits of this is because of the sheer number of websites demanding writing content, there are many different styles of writing that are called for, and there are many different types and styles of freelance writing that can off for beginners. Some beginner sites like associated content are a good introduction that pay for page views, while other sites allow you to set prices, such as Constant Content.

"How to" articles are extremely popular with many websites, and are paid for in a variety of ways from up front to advertising sharing, to other formats that are a combination of the two. Because of this there are many writing sites that pay up front for articles, while writers can also build a passive or residual income that will continue to pay weeks and months into the future for work that was already done.

Most online writers will want to experiment with a combination of websites to put together a combination of up front freelance writing payments along with slowly building a great base of residual income, which opens up a huge number of opportunities in life for writers by freeing up their time and need for daily work.

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Written by Shane Dayton

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Make Money With Freelance Photography

Make Money With Freelance Photography

How can you get paid $ 50,000 a year to take pictures in your local area? Simple, companies such as banks and insurance companies have a vested interest in properties. They'll pay you to document the condition of the property by simply photography and describing the condition. It is not economic for insurance companies to have a paid representative in every geographic location, so they contract this photography work to people like you. Even those with no prior photography experience! Because the pictures you take are used for general documentation and are not placed in magazines just a basic inexpensive camera will do.

Why are companies willing to pay from $ 15 to $ 100 for each simple photography assignment? Think about it this way. If the company does not pay you $ 100 dollars to drive down the road, take a picture, and fill out a form, they've got to pay hundreds of dollars to fly a representative to your neighborhood just for 15 to 30 minutes of work . These companies would rather just pay you instead, saving them hundreds of dollars.

The way this works is you get an assignment from let's say an insurance company. They tell you to go investigate the condition of a property that is a short drive from your house. You find out that the property is in terrible condition. You take some pictures of the damage and report back to the insurance company.

So why not start working towards your financial independence through home based career in photography? Search [] to find out how!

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Written by Alex Dupris

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Freelance Work For Full Time Pay

Freelance Work For Full Time Pay

There are so many options to make money online; the difficult part is deciding the best way to make money online. Should you have generous time to do your research, you should create your own shortlist and compare them before you actually sign up. Compare the income benefits, time requirement and skill requisite of these online jobs to get a better idea on how much responsibility it is for you given that you are still panning to keep your regular job.

Of course, if your regular work takes a lot of your time but is not giving you enough compensation, looking at other ways to earn money online is the best option. Since all transactions are done through cyberspace, there is not much pressure. Of course, the best way to make money online is having no financial loss, no time restrictions and the freedom to do what you like best. What are your options? You can do any of the following:

1. Blogs and Other Writing-related Jobs

If you have the knack for writing, you can start your own blog. You can sell advertising placements to other companies if you already have a huge follower. You can do straight forward freelance writing and get paid by article that you produce. Most people today have started their flourishing freelance career through writing ezine articles. There is a market out there dying to update their websites by using ready-to-upload articles.

2. Video Game Tester

Yes, you've read it right. If love video games then this could be your dream job. There are companies hiring people for beta testing of their online games; however, they may require a certain level of expertise on computer programming. Who knows, you might even land a job as a full time game tester.

3. Start a Web Directory / Sell Information

You just need to gather all the information online, update your website, set up ad spaces and voila, money in your bank account.

4. Answer Product Surveys

Like doing reviews for movies, you can also get paid by answering surveys. This can be as simple as answering forms online or doing live-conferences in a focus-group discussion

5. Offer Graphic Design Expertise or Online Workshops

A lot of workshops can now be done through Skype or other video conferences sites. Maximize this opportunity to present your concepts and attract advertisers as well. Aside from this, you can also bid for simple logo designs or lay-outs if you have more time to spare and is really into graphic design.

6. Referral System

The main thrust of the companies using this referral system is to add traffic to their product or service sites. Basically, the more hits that get from your personal website the more money you receive.

There are many other freelance opportunities online that you can look into, you just need to get yourself organized in order to get the best way to make money online. You do not need to settle with the meager pay and time-consuming freelance jobs available in your neighborhood. If you want reliably-high paying jobs without too much effort, delve into the world of cyber employee.

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Written by Margret L Lee

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Graphic Design – What Does It Cost?

Graphic Design – What Does It Cost?

The graphic design industry has been expanding with graphic design being an important part of any business. The increasing sophistication of websites and other web based services is also increasing the need of graphic designers that can work with website development. The globalization of website development is seeing an increasing amount of workers that are becoming freelancers and using the movement to outsourcing as an opportunity.

Graphic Design Rates

You can pay $ 45,000 to $ 55,000 per annual if you want to employ a designer full time. However, the shift to contract work has seen a huge increase in freelancing. The freelance graphic design rates vary and the competition from highly educated freelancers from around the world has driven down rates particularly at the lower end of the freelancer market.

An example of a typical job on the popular freelancing site oDesk for a 'Modification in design for a website' has an estimated budget of $ 100. This sort of simple job would cost a great deal more if you employed a graphic designer because of all of the associated costs as well as having to ensure enough work to make their employment worthwhile.

How to Check Rates?

One way to see the rates that are being offered is to view the web ports of the popular freelancing websites. The available projects are constantly updated and it is easy to view the projects and rates offered. There are many projects that have a project rate instead of an hourly rate so it can be a little difficult estimating the time that the project would take.

The huge amount of small projects that only take a few hours of work and are offered at between $ 50 and $ 100 shows that there are many freelancers that are prepared work hard by completing small jobs quickly to keep working ticking over constantly.

Freelancers Vs Employees

Employing a freelancer or a group of freelancers or employing a full time worker is an interesting comparison.

  • Taxes : A freelancer presents you with an invoice when the job is completed and all taxes are their responsibility. An employee means that you are required to calculate and forward Federal and State taxes involved with their employment
  • Holidays : A freelancer is responsible for their holidays and is generally employed by project. An employee has holidays and employers are required to pay for them and arrange for work to be done when they are away.
  • Healthcare : A freelancer provides their healthcare by themselves and does not receive sick pay. An employee needs to be provided with health care, sick day provisions and be insured against work place injury.
  • Skills : While both freelancers and employees only have the skills that they already know a freelancer with different skills can be hired instantly. An employee can improve their skills by going back to school or doing a course taking time and money.

The extra costs of an employee need to be carefully considered when thinking about graphic designer rates. The flexibility of being able to quickly hire several freelancers only when they are needed is a compelling reason to incorporate outsourcing into your business.

Expanding Your Business

One of the great things about incorporating freelancers into your business is that you can quickly respond to new graphic design projects by contacting the appropriate people and getting them involved. You can also use your experience in hiring freelancers to help when you need people in other parts of your business such as web design, coding and writing work.

With freelancers you have flexibility to respond quickly and you are only paying the freelancer when they are working on one of your projects. This is not ideal for everyone but it has so many advantages that more people are joining the freelancer revolution.

Graphic Design Outlook

There are major changes that are occurring in the graphic design industry as traditional areas are stagnating and new areas are rapidly expanding. Computer based graphic design is predicted to need 60% more graphic designers over the next decade. This huge rate of growth is fueled by falling cost and the increased need for quality graphic work on websites as more businesses are making a web presence.

The figures for developing economies such as China and India is even more prolific and as many design and marketing companies are finding out, western firms are seen as premium partners that many top overseas businesses are would like to use to provide a premium web presence.

It is clear that graphic design is becoming more important and making long term relationships with contractors and freelancers is important if you wish to be able to take advantage of the market opportunities that they represent.

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Written by Michael J Michaels

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How to Get Freelance Writing Work

How to Get Freelance Writing Work

"Earn one hundred Dollars per week by doing freelance writing work, for an hour a day."
"Earn ten thousand US $$$ per month while working on simple and easy data entry / writing jobs"

If we are serious net surfers and seek to help ourselves by approaching a few extra bucks, with the help of www or internet; we have to be not only conscious but also scared of the adverts, like above which will always crop up to lure us, while we honestly try to find a buyer for our services.

While most of us will always see such sites and advertisements as we surf the net; there are genuine and reliable agencies which really do help the seeker of freelance writing work,, are a few such organizations where a talented writer can seek a true buyer for such tasks. However, since we have a lot of competition in this free world, the writer has to be genuine, real and very well conversant with written English language .. These agencies do have their own rating and ranking systems, which vary from one to another and a buyer of such services relly on these ratings while making a choice.

A person seeking freelance writing work must have a thorough practice of correct and analytical English writing, free of any spelling or grammatical mistakes. The seeker of such work can get registered, free of cost, with any of the above mentioned sites and start bidding for all writing projects which appear there, from time to time .. To make an attempt successful, the writer has to prepare a small sample of his own writing, which can tell the buyer about the written style. At the same time, a new writer should place a low bid to gain the confidence of the buyers and the agency as well. This will help the writer in getting good reviews and feedback also.

The most important thing to remember, while doing projects for freelance writing work is the fact that all work has to be completely original only-no copy and paste as such. There are soft wares available and web sites like etc which check the written matter for any copying or plagiarism violation ..

Therefore a person seeking freelance writing work should NEVER commit such a mistake.

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Written by Ashok Kaul

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