Freelance Jobs – Great Work From Home Opportunity

Freelance Jobs – Great Work From Home Opportunity

Doing freelance jobs is a great work from home opportunity for those who need extra income or simply want the flexibility of working for yourself. For those who want to work for themselves and all the freedom and flexibility that is associated with it there are two options. It's either starting your own full blown business or doing freelance work.

Why Starting a Business May Not Be a Good Option

Starting a business can be a drag. The administrative work alone can bog you down so much that you end up sitting at your desk pushing paper instead of going out there and doing what you love by doing freelance jobs. So why is it so complicated?

Well, you have to incorporate. Do you become a sole proprietor, LLC or INC? The research in itself is agonizing, not to mention the paperwork involved in getting it done. Next comes running the finances of freelancing. If you do get to a place where you're doing a substantial amount of business, the bookkeeping can become a liability and drain your time and money resources.

So inevitable and inevitably you'll decide to hire an admin person. Well, now there's more paper work to be able to hire someone, figure out the hole W-2 thing, look into labor laws, find the right person, pay them, and finally manage them day after day.

Freelance Jobs are the Way to Go

If you're not inclined to become a business manager and instead do what you love, then scrap that and just become a freelance worker. Here's a few tips on how:

1) Decide what you're passionate about. Without passion, the highly flexible and self-management of working for yourself will always catch up to your discipline level in doing freelance jobs. No one has the discipline to constantly do something they are not passionate about in the long-term without a manager hovering over them everyday (which is the case when you freelance).

2) Decide wherever you have the talent and the skills necessary to do freelance jobs in that field or function. If you have a passion in flower arranging, but do not possess the skills or the talent to do so, you will not be successful. That's not sure sure you should not try it. But also do it with your eyes wide open. Ask yourself, is it something that you have had past success with? Is it something that other's have consistently said you are skilled in?

3) Do some networking with the people you already know. Ask friends, family, previous business colleagues wherever they or they know someone who might need your freelance services. Just put some feelers out there and be honest. Tell them about your skill-set, and tell them you're interested in freelancing in a particular area. Leverage the relationships that you've built over the years and let one thing lead to another. You'll be surprised that where it might lead.

For example, I wanted to make some extra cash so I put some feelers out there to do some freelance jobs in market research. I called up a friend of mine who had a business going but he had no projects. 2 days later, a friend of his calls me and offers me a project with his company. I did not get something on the first try, but led to something better.

4) You need to go out and do some sales. Sorry folks, this is not an option. Freelance work requires that you do some sales. This is one thing you can not outsource. The best jobs will not be listed on or other job boards. If it's on a job board, you can bet that there are thousands of people after that job. The Achilles heel of freelance work is if you do not go out and do sales. It's a must if you want freelance contracts. Your existing clients will provide you with ongoing work, but you have to get those clients in the first place.

Sales is not that hard. It's all an internal thing. Your hatred for doing it must break, but after you do it enough, you will. I always liken doing sales, especially for freelance work, with digging through a mud wall. It's gross, treacherous, difficult and depressing all the way until you break through to the other side. Then you're home free and you can do it without pain.

To find leads, go to your industry's business associations or go to a sales leads company like or and search by industry. It's a great tool for leads, especially if your freelance work can be done over the internet.

5) Do not quite your day job. Always generate enough freelance business to pay your bills. Not only that, only quit your job if you think quitting your job will yield enough business to make up for your steady paycheck.

Also, do not shirk your current employer. They may not be happy with you doing it so you probably will not tell them. But even if you do not tell them, make sure you're fulfilling your job responsibilities with your employer in good conscience. Not only because it's right, but that integrity that you maintain will make you successful in the long-term. Okay, forget about the long-term stuff. Just do it because it's right when you decide to freelance.

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Written by David CJ Jones

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