Freelance Writers Wanted – For the Internet – No Experience Required

Freelance Writers Wanted – For the Internet – No Experience Required

The Internet continues to grow by leaps and bounds. There is a tremendous need for written content to post on the Net, to increase the importance (ranking) of websites, to inform buyers, to promote products. Webmasters who could write their own material are desperate to outsource the writing work so they can do other things.

All this has led to something of a boom, a spurt in demand that is hard to satisfy. There is no experience needed. In fact, traditional writers are at some kind of a disadvantage because most of what they "know" about writing does not apply on the Internet. People just starting have nothing to unlearn …

If you can write in simple, clear English at the 6th to 9th grade level, then you can make a living writing for the web. The emphasis is not on literary excellence but on clarity and readability, fast. The freelance writers wanted for Internet work easily turn out basic 350-500 word articles in less than half an hour.

Quality articles, requiring research, take longer of course, and pay more. Basic articles may go for $ 5 to $ 10 each, depending on size and the quantity of articles contracted. Quality articles may go for $ 20 to $ 35 each.

Overhead is low; there is no commuting, no office to pay for. All a freelance writer needs is a computer, an Internet connection and a PayPal account to receive payments into. Work is by contract, usually part on deposit up front, the balance on delivery and acceptance of the work.

There are several freelance "Bulletin Board", websites that serve as meeting places for buyers and sellers. Buyers hoping to find the freelance writers wanted for their projects. Freelance writers scanning the project proposals looking for work assignments. Contacts are made and offers are posted.

Counter offers are made, negotiated, agreed upon. Work is done, paid for and the cycle repeats. Good work, done on time and as agreed, is noted. Business relationships are built and many contracts are repeat work, privately negotiated, without competition

Articles, reports, e-books are written on the freelancer's computer, sent out by e-mail. Payments are handled by electronic transfer via PayPal. Buyers and sellers never meet face-to-face, may in fact be in different countries, working in different time zones. It is pure electronic e-commerce at its best …

The search is on; offers are out: "Freelance Writers Wanted …". If you would like to know more, follow the links below …

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Written by Jorge Chavez

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