Director of Engineering at Zego

Director of Engineering at Zego

The Director of Engineering role will provide technical oversight of the Zego engineering team. You will report directly to the CEO and work in unison with the product and operations teams to ensure the high-level strategic goals of the organization are aligned with the technical direction of our products, and that we are delivering a superb product. You will ensure that the Zego platform is robust, bug-free, and scalable as we grow to hundreds of thousands of users. You will also provide accountability for the development cycle of our product, ensuring milestones are met and code quality is up to par with the highest industry standards.

Position Mission: Provide accountability and human capital responsibilities for the Zego engineering organization.

Expected Outcomes Include:

  • Scaling the Zego engineering team. Continue building out the team of mobile/full-stack/embedded developers as needed to accomplish goals outlined in product roadmap.

  • Employ Agile engineering best practices to provide predictability and accuracy for development process.

  • Define and adhere to a development roadmap that supports and aligns with higher-level business objectives.

  • Utilize version control and continuous integration tools (Github, Zenhub, Semaphore, etc) to accelerate and improve the quality of each development cycle.

  • Improve the efficiency of the development team. Ensure that each sprint has attainable goals and provide accountability when those goals are not accomplished.

  • Ensure that system architecture is stable and scalable to hundreds of thousands of users.


  • Ability to manage a team of up to 10 developers effectively. Provide leadership and guidance for entire engineering organization.

  • Hard-worker who leads by example. You are the first one in and the last one out.

  • Nothing makes you angrier than missing a deadline or shipping a faulty product. You take it personally when customers are unhappy because of bad user experience.

  • Detail oriented. You are accountable for every line of code that is shipped at Zego. You should be proud of our codebase.

  • Be a quick learner. If needed, you are comfortable picking up a text book and learning over the weekend.


  • 7+ years software development experience.

  • 2-3 years experience managing a team of 5+ developers..

  • Degree in software/computer/electrical engineering

  • Experience designing/maintaining robust distributed systems that are constantly deployed.

  • True full-stack competency, including knowledge of and experience with networking domain and other related tech.

Preferred Skill Requirements & Experience:

  • Experience with Javascript/Node.js, specifically using React/Angular libraries a huge plus.

  • Experience building web applications with Elixir using Phoenix framework.

  • Experience deploying applications with AWS/GCP/Heroku.

  • Knowledge of cellular networking and/or IoT communication protocols such as ZigBee, Z-wave, Thread, BLE, etc.

  • Advanced degree in computer science.

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