Freelance VS Starting an Agency

Chatting with Jonathan Courtney, CEO of AJ&Smart, to understand if I should start my own design agency rather then keep on freelancing. I was trying to understand the pros and cons, the financial implication and how to hire.
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21 thoughts on “Freelance VS Starting an Agency

  1. Tom Hilado on Reply

    Hi Ran, thanks for the video. After 18 months or so as a Freelancer, I'm actually on the boat of Freelancer or Employment over here. I still have to clean up my act. However, I'd just like to share something a friend of mine said about scaling a business – you can't do everything yourself, find the right partner to work with.

    Best of luck!

  2. Émile Perron on Reply

    This was super interesting! Although I have a full time job, I've also been freelancing a bit on the side as well as developing a product-based business like you are doing with Prospero. It's a lot of good advice and conversation starters that I'll keep in mind!

  3. Kendy Louwaars on Reply

    It's been amazing to follow Ran's journey. If he'll transform into an agency, imagine how unique this channel would be. I don't think it would be the best choice for him personally though. Ran seems a family time oriented man, and running an agency will rip you away from your family. Plus, so far I understand it's purely an income thing, and there are a few more viable options for that.

  4. Alin Cheie on Reply

    Nice topic Ran! Keep up the good work. Would it be possible to do a video in the coming days on the 'procrastination' at work as a designer. Well, what i mean is more related to the fact that in the designer's career period, he can work on things that do not enjoy/like at his workplace. Could you tackle a bit that topic? What do do in this case? Ways on finding the solution, etc?

  5. prifke on Reply

    This is cool. However, I would like to ask you more uploads 'bout your own creating process. Just random videos/streams when you're playing with Illustrator, etc

  6. sampletear on Reply

    I think you focus a bit too much on money.. Just do what you feel like doing. You have so much freedom with your margins and you are taking that away by wanting those 300'000. But i loved the discussion!

  7. Roberto Maddaloni on Reply

    I'm sitting here in Germany as a young student entrepreneur having this problem and it's incredibly releaving to know (as simple and stupid as it sounds) that a designer like you Ran is struggling with the same problems. I know you're on a different level, but you are so incredibly relatable … I am thankful for you and this channel and all the videos you make!

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