Graphic Designers Can Freelance and Make $2000 This Month Creating Logos

I’ve known many graphic designers who complain that there just aren’t enough high quality jobs in the marketplace and that they think the competition is too tough. Well, I am of the belief that you have to make things happen. When you can’t find a company that wants to hire you, create your own. Graphic designers with a bit of talent can easily make $2000 a month just by creating logos.

Many companies are looking to have their logos professionally created – however not all companies can afford the high prices that some graphic design firms charge. This is where the freelance graphic designer can make a killing.

Logos, vector and 3D alike, are often simple to create. A good designer can create several mockup logos from which the company can choose in a few hours. The final design will usually only take a few hours more; this means the designer can create a logo per day on average.

Let’s say that you are able to create only 2 logos each week because you have other commitments, perhaps school or another job. If you charge only $250 per logo, which is below what many of the large firms will charge, you can ease your way to $2000 a month.

Add to the logos any other simple graphics that the company might need and you have yourself a nice little money making business that pays you for doing the job you love. It is just that easy to make $2000 a month creating logos as long as you have at least a modicum of talent.

Source by Christian Scott

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