Survive The Corporate World And Go Freelance As A Creative Designer: Drive through corporate hierarchy like a boss and succeed on your own as a freelancer

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Where does it go wrong for so many creatives?

The design industry offers a world full of opportunities and constant learning, or at least, that’s what they say.
After hitting the walls of the corporate world and large organizations, I realized that making a living as a creative was not as easy as it seemed. There are so many challenges that have
The feeling of not being able to sell something you believe in can quickly drain your energy. It’s even harder in the corporate world, where your ideas have to go through an absurd labyrinth of approvals. There, it is not only about having good ideas, but about the people above you, about their role, personality, and mood on a given day.
You know, deep in your heart, that you want to work in the creative field. But no one told you to be ready for lack of a life outside the office. To be prepared to get your best ideas rejected. To be ok with being interrupted continuously. Or to deal with people with big egos whose sense of taste is questionable.”
Survive… presents an antidote to the corporate world and provides the tools to become a freelance designer without losing your soul.

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