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How to Search For the Best Freelance Jobs Online and Find Freelance Employment

How to Search For the Best Freelance Jobs Online and Find Freelance Employment

When the economy goes through a downturn, and the recession hits the job market, it is prudent to look for supplementary sources of income in advance to secure your future and that of your family in troubled times. The internet is one of the best places to search for freelance jobs online and freelance employment opportunities.

There are thousands and thousands of such jobs and all you need to do is to search for them. However, just by typing in "freelance jobs online" or "freelance employment" in the search engines, you will not be able to find a good job that will satisfy your needs. You might go on for months searching for that right job and that dream job will prove to be an elusive for you despite in the internet you will come across both freelance jobs online of the basic level as well as of the highest level.

When you are searching for the basic level job positions, the best technique which you can adopt is the narrowing down of your options to the most fulfilling, rewarding and the best ones. This is the way to search for good freelance programming jobs, freelance web developer jobs, and freelance web designers jobs etc.

You can search for these freelance jobs online in the job posting sites of the free variety which can be done from home, in the newspaper online advertisements and in various company websites. There are also many renamed and reputed and trusted job ports in the internet where you can post your detailed and up to date resume and bio data.

And you can sign up for these sites for free. These online job portals will send you notifications and addresses and information about freelance web designers' jobs, freelance web developer jobs, and freelance programmer jobs etc. Usually these online job portals are patronized and favored by the HR departments of various well known, reputed, large, medium and small companies.

If you have the requisite qualifications and experience to boot, you will be called for interview and if you crack the online interview, you will be selected for the job.
It is impossible to hunt through 56 million websites. The best way is to go for the sites with the highest rankings which record the maximum amount of traffic, as advised by Alexa certified traffic ranking.

Three other ways of getting hold of freelance web designers' jobs, freelance web developer jobs, freelance programmer jobs are business networking, partnerships and referrals. Suppose you have done a good job in the past and your client is happy with your output. He will refer you to his friends and colleagues and in this way you will find more work and freelance projects without having to spend tons on advertising.

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Freelancing – Creating A Work-Life Balance

Freelancing – Creating A Work-Life Balance

We’re told that the recession is over. It’s a wrap! But it’s still tough out there and it’s the same whether you live in America, the UK, Europe or elsewhere. But during these tough times, how can you earn extra money to, for example, pay off a credit card, or help buy a car? How can you get more free time and work less, so you can spend more time with family or friends or just get away? And if you’ve lost your job, how can you get a new one to start earning money again? One scam-free way to do all of these things is to become a freelancer.

There’s no mystery to freelancing and a freelancer is simply someone who works for an agreed period on a specific job in return for a fee. Freelancers are not employees of the businesses or individuals that hire their services. Rather, they are independent workers and this independence gives them a number of benefits.

Freelancing – Choose how you’d like to work

Since you’re a freelancer, you’re not tied to any employer and this independence gives you freedom to decide how many hours a day you’d like to work, when in the year and so on. So freelancers can work the hours that’s best for them, as long as the job gets done! For example, you might not be a morning person, but being a freelancer working at home or remotely, you can do all your work in the afternoons or perhaps evenings. You can also block out dates during the year so you’re free to go on vacation.

Freelancing – Decide your earnings and earn more

Since you can decide how much you’d like to work, you also have control over how much money you can earn. For example, freelancers are not tied to a 40 workweek (35 hours, if you’re from Europe). So the more you use your time, the greater your potential earnings.

As mentioned, freelancers are independent of the businesses or individuals who hire them, so you can work on multiple freelance jobs to earn more money. But freelancers also get paid much more than permanent employees who do the same job. This is because an employer also has to pay a mixture of taxes, benefits and insurance for each employee. Since a freelancer isn’t an employee, some of these cost savings are paid directly to the freelancer themselves.

Freelancing – Create a work-life balance

With the ability to decide when you’d like to work and how much you’d like to earn, and often with the ability to earn more but work less, working as a freelancer can allow you to balance your work with your life. There’s more time to spend with family and friends as jobs can be done at more convenient times. Work at home parents can complete freelance jobs when the kids are at school or sleeping and you can even do freelance jobs whilst away on vacation! Freelancing allows these and other home and remote working opportunities, and vacations can be taken when it’s best for all the family.


Everybody would like to earn more money, have more free time to spend with family and friends or go on vacation. Freelancing offers a realistic way to do all these things to have a better work-life balance.

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Written by Peter Louis

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Freelance Writing – How to Begin

Freelance Writing – How to Begin

Freelance writing can be a very rewarding career, but it is a career choice that actually takes a lot more thought than one might perceive. If you're just starting out and plan to write for your money, there are a few things that you might want to consider.

First, you can not simply decide to be a writer and expect money to come pouring in. There are things that you must do to make your name known in the writing world. You must make people aware that you are writing. One excellent way to do this is by starting and maintaining a blog. Not only will blogging give you exposure and the chance to showcase your talents, but if you need a reference to your work for a writing job, then you can direct people to your blog, sort of like a portfolio. Additionally, many blogs are free, and you can add affiliate links to bring in a little extra pocket change.

You can also write articles and submit them to many free article submission sites. There are also sites that will pay you for articles that you submit, as long as they are your work and not copied from another source. Article submission sites are a great resource for writers because you get to see your work published online, plus you can use them to gain added exposure, and help to inform the world of your talents as a writer.

You can also find writing jobs through many sites like Get A Freelancer and Guru. Sites like these have members who offer projects in many fields, including writing. You simply bid on your project of choice, and if you win the project, then you have a writing gig. Keep in mind that many sites like these have a place for people to rate your work after you are finished, so be sure to do your best and stick to any deadlines that you may have agreed to.

If you are a member of forums, a good place to advertise your writing services is in your signature link. You can simply put a few lines about your writing talent, or if you have set up a blog, link your signature to your blog url. Curious people will want to see what your signature is all about, and you just may catch someone's eye who needs a writer.

Word of mouth is an excellent resource that should never be overlooked. If you know people in forums, chat rooms, or even locally, be sure to tell them about your dream of starting a freelance writing career. You never know who might need a freelance writer.

There are, of course, other ways to make yourself known as a freelance writer, but these are the best ones that I have used, and the easiest to get started. Set up that blog first, and start adding content to it daily for the first couple weeks. The more content you have, the more proof you have to show possible clients that you can, indeed, write. Once you have your writing established you will be much more likely to attract the attention of people who are looking for freelance writers.

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Written by Vanessa Beaty

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Freelance Photography Tips – How to Make Money With Photos

Freelance Photography Tips – How to Make Money With Photos

Freelance photography can be an exciting occupation that lets you experience being self employed, travel on assignment, and make money doing what you love. However, making it big as a photographer often takes skill, creativity and persistence. Here's one of the best tips for breaking in to this business and making money with your photos.

As a freelance photographer you'll want to let other people see your work so you can get valuable publicity. The more potential employers or clients who are exposed to your photography portfolio the easier it is to generate business. So it's very important that you start building a photo portfolio to share with others. Your portfolio will be how people judge your experience and skill so it's necessary to post some of your best work. Once your portfolio is set up you can send the link to potential employers or along with your resume when you apply for work.

Another way to make money with your camera is by selling items on consignment with websites like Craigslist. There are many people who will need the help of a professional photographer to take pictures of their items and post them on the internet. As a consignment photographer you can help simplify these types of transactions and make a great commission in the process. Selling custom photo items is also a method to sell your photos. Many people love custom items that feature their pets or loved ones. By selling these personalized items on Ebay, Etsy, Craigslist or other classified websites you can make a great online income.

Some people make a great living just by posting their favorite photos on a blog or website with a qualifying title and short description. By placing advertising related to the images topic near your photo you can get search engine visitors to view your pictures. The more people that view your images the better chance that someone will purchase something from your site and make you money.

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Written by Cameron J Allen

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Freelance Work: The Changing Face of Employment

Freelance Work: The Changing Face of Employment

The world sure is changing, and if you look at job employment you will see what I mean. Let’s just go back to our grandparent’s generation, even though I’m sure if we went back further we would see very different structures of work in the tribal periods of our history. Our grandparents usually found a skill, and then used that one skill to work for their whole career. An example is my grandfather who was a salesman for the same suit company for 44 years. There is nothing wrong with this. His job was secure; he knew there would be a superannuating fund when he retired, and that there would always be food on the table for his family. These days in the 21st century things have changed, and they are still changing rapidly as we speak.

Nowadays it isn’t strange for a person to have around five completely different career paths in their lifetime. You might think that job security is much lower, but there are new types of jobs emerging everyday with the advent of modern technology. Older people can go back to schools and be educated in totally new areas that are greatly desired in society. One of the greatest changes in recent times is the fact that a lot of people are now working for themselves as freelancers from home. Society is still getting all the necessary work done, but the structures in which individuals pursue their dreams and goals in their areas of interest have changed completely. If you are working at home for your own business, you sure don’t have the old hierarchy of bosses watching over your every move, judging your worth, and threatening you with dismissal.

People are now self-motivated as they know that if they don’t get out there and share their skills and attributes with society, they simply might be forgotten. There is a new way of acquiring work these days that is so very different than the days of perusing the job-ads in the newspaper or going door-to-door asking for work. Surprise, surprise, its on the Internet! There are now on-line marketplaces for both employers to offer work and for potential freelance employees to show their portfolios. There are many, but an excellent example of one of these sites is On once you have registered your portfolio for free, you can then bid for jobs that prospective employers have advertised. On the other hand, if you are an employer, you can go to the category of work you need done (E.g.: Creative Writing) and search through a list of professionals that you can then contact to do the job.

These professionals exhibit the amount that they charge per hour, how much they have already earned through the site and a portfolio of examples of their work. They are then given a rating that has been compiled by the employers who have used their services. It is quite unbelievable; they’ve got people and job types from a multitude of different areas, just about any type of freelance work you can imagine: E.g. Website design, marketing, writing, graphic design, legal, engineering, photography, finance-the list is quite extensive.

So you see, “the times they are a-changin'” my friends. Imagine if you were frozen in time one hundred years ago and then thawed out today. All the basic human beliefs and emotions would be the same, but how would the world look to you? We’ve got to go with the flow and not get lost in the structures of old. What’s your goal? Get on the Web!

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Written by Jesse Somer

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Tips For Graphic Designers

Tips For Graphic Designers

The demand for freelance graphic designers is increasing as more and more people are developing their websites. People in almost every business sector want to have their own web presence and need skilled designers to perform that successfully. An ideal graphic design should not only attract the viewer eyes but also has the ability to convey the message effectively. Here are some basic tips every graphic designer must know:

Utilizing the White Space – Using the white space can help in making the page attractive and more readable. While designing a website or brochures, or logo design of the company, a designer should use the white space as it highlights the important information. Hence, it becomes important for a designer to leave enough of white space especially while designing a website. It is advised to balance out the right proportion of text and white space to make the website neat and appealing.

Typography – Just like white space, it is important to concentrate on the typography of the content used in the website. It is essential to use proper partitions of the paragraph and the typography. As a skilled designer it is always advised to check the font size, color, shape complementing the design and theme of the website as it helps in gaining the reader’s attention.

Pattern – This is an art and style of how a reader reads the content or view a website. It is actually a reader usually reads from left to right as English and other languages are written in the same pattern. Hence, it is a job of a graphic designer to make the top left corner or the beginning of any page attractive by adding the content and images following the Z pattern. It is crucial as it catches the attention of the viewers and the readers.

Graphics/ Images – Another important tip for a graphic designer is to make the right use of images and graphics. It is advised to use the graphics and images complementing the website theme and design. It must be optimized for the web and should not hamper the look and functionality of a website. Nice images can attract the visitor and motivate him to visit the website again and again. Also, avoid using flashy and heavy graphics and image files as they only increase the page loading time.

We hope all you budding freelance graphic designers will follow these tips to become a successful designer and also establish your credibility in the community. Please share your feedback and suggestions on the same.

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Written by James Alina

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SEO Copywriters – 2 Tips For Landing High Paying SEO Writing Gigs

SEO Copywriters – 2 Tips For Landing High Paying SEO Writing Gigs

SEO copywriting is a lucrative niche in freelance writing – especially right now. But, many are entering on the low end of this profession, ie, $ 3 SEO article writing gigs. If you're a good SEO copywriter, you do not have to set for that.

This is advice for SEO copywriters who are just starting out – and for more experienced ones who may be struggling to find high-paying SEO writing gigs. These two keys to landing high-paying clients should always be at the forefront when marketing for SEO writing jobs.

SEO Copywriter Tip No. 1: Find Your Own Clients. This is one of the easiest ways for SEO copywriters to land lucrative assignments. When many freelance writers start to look for SEO writing jobs, they start by responding to ads on sites like Craigslist and GetaFreelancer. This is normal, as there are tons of jobs there. But, most of them are very low-paying and the competition is intensely fierce.

By the time you land an assignment, if you factor in the amount of time it took you to land the assignment, then complete it, you are literally making pennies an hour. No thanks.

When you market to firms directly, you have two distinct advantages: (i) there is less competition; and (ii) you get to decide the caliber of the client, which leads to the second key to landing high-paying SEO writing clients. . .

SEO Copywriter Tip No. 2: Target Lucrative Clients. Many of the advertisers on low-paying job board sites are looking for quantity, not quality. Here, they look for SEO copywriters who are willing to turn out 10, 15 or 20 articles a day at $ 3 / each. Even the fastest SEO writer can not turn out this many quality articles in a day.

Why Lucrative Clients Are Willing to Pay More for Professional SEO Copywriters

SEO copywriters should target lucrative clients – eg, clients who care about their brand and image. Quality is what these businesses care about. Who are some of these lucrative clients who want quality SEO content from professional SEO copywriters? Advertising agencies, internet marketing firms and high-end web design firms, to name a few.

You see, if a company is forward-thinking enough to realize that they need help with their SEO marketing efforts and they go out and hire an ad agency, an internet marketing firm or a web design firm, they already grasp the concept that you have to spend money to make money . And, they will not skimp on the foundation of this – professional SEO writing.

Try turning in a keyword stuffed, crappy SEO article to them. It will not fly because it's not what they want. They want quality in their SEO marketing efforts. And they realize that to get it, they need to hire professional SEO copywriters.

There is a lot of work for skilled SEO copywriters – if you know how to find it.

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Written by Yuwanda Black

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Finding Freelance Jobs Online

Finding Freelance Jobs Online

Freelance jobs is when a person sells services to employers without a long-term commitment. You would be under an independent contract. Usually being a freelance worker means that you would be working off the books. When you work off the books, you get paid "In hand" or in this case through pay pal or check in mail, depending on your own person situation and the terms of that job.

a lot of people would prefer this option in case they are currently receiving unemployment benefits and would like to get extra money on top of that. Or for some reason you may not have a social security number which means you cant work in the united states. As a result Freelance "off the books" work would be better for you.


Off the books work (Tax man do not have to know)

You get your full pay all at once. With Freelance jobs the minute your done with the assignment you get paid immediately. The best part about this is, how fast you get paid is up to you. If you have to write an article for a blog and it pays you $ 50 to complete it in 1 week. For most of us we can write an article in about 2 hours instead of 1 week. So the moment your done, you get paid.


Not steady work – since this is freelance work you get paid once you complete the job. And when your job is done, then that's it. You either have to find another freelance job on your own or maybe the person you were working with will refer you to someone else. Better yet that same person can have another job already lined up for you. So its very important to make a good impression, get the job done on time or early and make sure you do good work. If your type of person that has programming skills, great writing skills, blog designers, website designers, research shoppers, travel writing, business writing and much more. There are lots of great freelance jobs online that will help you earn extra money or maybe start a new career. The hard part is trying to find the best one for your talents and finding a replicable job board for people that are looking.

Some great sources to find freelance jobs would be to search it on large search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. But what a lot of people do not know is that you can find pretty good jobs in Craiglist as well. Craigslist is a very large classified ad website. They pretty much have everything available. Jobs, services and you can buy things etc. The best way to search for freelance work on Craigslist would be to visit the site and on the left hand side there's a search bar. All you have to do is type in freelance, or freelance jobs and maybe the state you live in and everything will come up for you. However while searching on this website please be careful. There are lots of "Jobs" out there that are not really jobs at all. They just want you to submit the information, like on a resume for example and from there they use your information for what they really want. As a result you never hear from them again.

Just be mindful that not everyone on Craigslist is there to get you a job. A good amount of them are there to help themselves. Regardless that is still a wonderful source to find some freelance work online. Another good place to find freelance work would be on Job Boards. Now Job Boards is pretty much a fancy way of saying the "Help Wanted Ad" but for the internet. A job board is a place you go to online that has employers looking for employees on a contract basis (Freelance). Only freelance jobs are listed on the job board therefore you do not have to go through the extra hassle of filtering out freelance work from a regular job. As a result you can find your potential work much quicker and make your searching more effective.

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Written by Jennifer Polk

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Why Hire a Freelance Web Designer

Why Hire a Freelance Web Designer

A freelance or freelancer is someone who works outside full time employment for different clients. This article covers the main benefits of hiring a freelance web designer and Touches upon other points that you may wish to consider during your selection process.

But First a Warning (or Why Marketing Comes First)

Rather than being the last thing that you consider marketing should be the first consideration when designing a site. Designing a site with no thought to marketing will lead to a site that is without focus; and a site without focus is illegally to work in the way that you wish.

Furthermore Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (if it's important to you) is a process that needs to be considered before, during and after a site is being designed. Beware of anyone who suggests that online marketing is free and begins and ends with on page or onsite elements alone. SEO takes time and is an ongoing process and as such is certainly not free.

A Freelancer is Cheaper than Hiring Full Time Staff

Hiring a full time member of staff is expensive and inflexible, especially in terms of web design as once a site is finished it's illegally that a full time position can be maintained on just site updates alone. A freelancer on the other hand can scale down their involvement with your site, or there involvement could stop entirely in favor of someone with a different skill set depending on your needs and the needs of your business.

A Freelancer is Cheaper than a Web Design Company

A web design company by its very nature has high overheads and requires support staff to help it run, so it is quite normal that a freelancer will cost a lot less than hiring a company or agency to complete the work on your website.

A Freelance Web Designer Offers Better Budgeting & Cost Control

A traditional Web Design company will be more interested in larger projects as their services are by nature less scalable, it simply is not worth their while to take on smaller projects. In contrast a freelance web designer values ​​projects of all sizes and can offer bespoke services to suit the ideas and needs of the individual client. A good Freelance Web Designer will help you manage the costs of the project, suggesting ways to cut costs if appropriate.

Freelancers can Offer Alternatives to Bespoke Content Management Solutions

Content Management Solutions (CMS) allow a client to easily add to their web site after it has been developed, the normal way to offer CMS is via a bespoke solution. As freelancers are more flexible they can offer alternative solutions to managing web based content, such as cheap third party solutions (depending on the technical ability of the client) and low cost ongoing site management.

Freelance Web Designers have to be Good

Freelance Web Designers have to be good and must work to keep your business, after all you pay their bills and put food on the table.

Freelance Web Designers have to offer Good Service

Freelancers are directly dependent on the work that you provide, so a freelance web designer is more likely too; care about each project, treat you with respect, return your calls, notify you promptly if problems arise, keep in contact and deliver the project on time.

Freelance Web Designers have a Fresh Perspective

A Freelancer will approach your company afresh without preconceived ideas and and with plenty of enthusiasm. A good freelancer will try to add value beyond the site design and will strive to leave a good impression, as their reputation is in the balance.

Freelance Web Designers are more flexible

Freelance web designers are by nature more able to offer a flexible service to suit the needs of their clients, they are usually able to choose their work schedule and have the ability to work out of normal office hours if required.

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Written by Justin Robert March

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The Perfect Freelance Writer

The Perfect Freelance Writer

"Careers, like rockets, do not always take off on schedule. – Gary Sinese

If you pay close attention to the words and references of some who use freelance writers you will see that freelancers must be superhuman.

The Top Ten Signs you Have Found a Perfect Freelance Writer

1) They are never too busy to work on my project.

2) They are always efficient enough to have the project completed yesterday.

3) They are willing to write for a fee less than the poverty level.

4) They are willing to provide unlimited rewrites.

5) They always know exactly the style of writing I need.

6) They do not have a personal life.

7) They are knowledgeable about every subject known to man.

8) They never get sick.

9) They never expect prompt payment.

10) They like it when I'm snippy.

As a freelance writer you may be finding some truth to this list, but the burden of proof is on your shoulders as a freelancer. You do need to adopt a can-do attitude, but be honest enough to pass on a project if you are unaware about the subject, deadline or volume of work.

The reason a good freelancer may seem superhuman is that they have learned the value of follow-up, follow through, customer service and commitment.

All freelance writers have had clients that have more than likely been denied service from other freelancers. These clients refused to be pleased with any work they are presented with. They have an idea writer in mind, but sadly that writer does not exist.

In these cases it is difficult to end the relationship gracefully. It could be you have provided numerous rewrites and the client remains dissatisfied. At that point you may need to stand up to the client and ask for payment or to be released from the obligation.

When you do hear from satisfied customers, you should not hesitate to ask for a brief testimonial you can use for the benefit of other customers who may be considering you as a means of reaching their content objectives.

Stretch your wings and learn new skills. A good freelancer may specialize in one type of service, but is adaptable enough to facilitate new writing formats when needed. The more you learn about freelancing the more marketable your skills will be.

"Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can." – Lowell Thomas

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Written by Scott Lindsay

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