Any ideas for creative ways to reduce a project cost, without reducing my day rate.

Any ideas for creative ways to reduce a project cost, without reducing my day rate.

Any ideas for creative ways to reduce a project cost, without reducing my day rate.

I am scoping a proposal for a client, and I have already pushed their budget to it’s limit, and cut down the project as much as possible, but it is still costing out at around 30% over what they can afford.

I really want to make this work for them (they are a really nice company, and would be great for me to be associated with them) but as a rule of thumb, I don’t just reduce my rates because someone can’t afford them.

Any ideas of how I can reduce the project cost without slashing rates? E.g. I have cut costs 10% by giving them discount in exchange for waiving an NDA (most of my work is covered by NDAs so it is really hard to build a portfolio or pitch for work).

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What are some good ways to showcase online portfolio for mobile app developer to potential clients?

What are some good ways to showcase online portfolio for mobile app developer to potential clients?

What are some good ways to showcase online portfolio for mobile app developer to potential clients?

What are some good ways to showcase online portfolio for mobile app developer to potential clients?

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Author: iamabhiee

8 ways to be a more organized graphic designer

8 ways to be a more organized graphic designer


Description: Looking to up your graphic design game? Get organized! When the details are clear, the job is easier and the clients are happier.

Here are 8 tips, all very easy to do, that will wrangle all those loose ends and keep your projects moving forward. Yes, many are what you’d consider Project Manager tools, but they’ll help you be a better graphic designer, art director, creative director, or freelance designer.People will think you’re a real grownup! (Don’t worry, I’m not either.)

Here’s the link to that Design Workflow Chart I mentioned in the video:

8 tips to be a more organized graphic designer

Like I said, these are all tricks I learned the hard way. They help keep all the details in focus and as we all know, graphic design means keeping track of a LOT of details! Being organized in my workflow does not come naturally for me, so these are all things I had to learn in order to compensate for that. I hope it helps you, too!

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How Hustling Only Makes You Tired, Not Rich (9 Ways To Kill The Game)

How Hustling Only Makes You Tired, Not Rich (9 Ways To Kill The Game)

How Hustling Only Makes You Tired, Not Rich (9 Ways To Kill The Game)

How Hustling Only Makes You Tired, Not Rich (9 Ways To Kill The Game)

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Best Earning Sites 2017 for Freelancing

Best Earning Sites 2017 for Freelancing


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5 Ways to Make More Money as a Freelancer

5 Ways to Make More Money as a Freelancer

Posted on 16. Dec, 2011 by in Motivation

5 Ways to Make More Money as a Freelancer

So, you’re freelance career finally has lift off.  You’ve got a couple of clients under your belt…your portfolio is getting fatter….you’re feeling increasingly confident about your abilities and career choice.  And best of all, you like what you do.  But there’s one thing missing:  the big bucks. How can you get the money to really flow?  There’s no shortage of answers. For starters, here are five ways to start raking in more cash.   

#1. Increase Your Rates

It’s obvious, isn’t it?  Increase your rates and you’ll make more money.  We know this and yet we freelancers are notoriously timid about raising our rates.  We’re afraid any increase will drive away existing clients and turn off prospective ones. While these are valid concerns, if you put too much stock into them, you’re not going to last long as a freelancer.  A freelance career is not sustainable unless you’re being paid what your time is truly worth.

To assess the true value of your time, do your research.  Find out what the going rate is for work like yours as performed by freelancers of a comparable skill level.  If your rates are lower than your peers, you can feel confident that there’s room for an increase without your business drying up.  Talk honestly and confidently to existing clients about an impending rate increase, explaining the reasons behind the increase and remembering to discreetly remind them of any value you’ve added to their business.  With new clients, there’s no need to explain anything – but you might want to spend more time soliciting clients with deeper pockets.    

#2. Keep Meticulous Time Records

Since becoming a freelancer, I’ll bet the old adage “time equals money” has never seemed more packed with vitality and truth.  As a freelancer, every minute counts.  That’s why you need to closely monitor how you’re spending your time: your habits might be causing you to leak money.  Whether or not you bill by the hour or per-project, get into the habit of writing down everything you do in a day, making particular note of how much time you spend on individual assignments.  (You can use apps such as Chrometa or iTimeSheet to make it easier.) Keeping a close eye on your time will help you to avoid undercharging per-hour clients, ordetermine a more accurate rate for per-project clients. Just think: if you forget to bill 15 minutes of work everyday, if your hourly rate is $40, you’re losing $50 per week, or $200 a month!

#3. Think Passive Income

When you sell your service, whether it be writing an article or designing a website, you only get paid for that work once.  But if you sell a product, you can get paid for that product again and again without having to put in more work or time.  Why not supplement your freelance income by creating and selling a product that relates to your talents and would appeal to your target clients?  Consider writing an e-Book or a workbook, creating a Premium WordPress theme or an instruction video,or selling stock photography.  Although you’ll likely need to invest many hours upfront, the payoff can be huge later on.

#4. Teach Your Skills

Even if you still feel wet behind the ears in your freelance career, there are people out there who are greener than you.  And they want to learn the skills that you have.  Considering offer your services as a teacher or consultant. Start talking up this aspect of your business with friends and family, and at networking events or social functions. Approach a local community college with ideas for a class, or you can even offer a special online class through your own website.

#5. Develop a Strong Marketing Plan

When freelancers hear the word “marketing”, many of us either sigh or wince. Do we have to?  Of course we do.  A freelance business is like any other: without a regular marketing push, it’s likely to stall and flounder.  While the feast and famine periods of freelancing are inevitable, if you are not on top of your marketing, your famine periods will be much longer than necessary, costing you ample dough.  Take a few hours to develop a marketing plan to be carried out over the next 12 months. Your plan should include your income goals, strategies you intend to implement for achieving those goals (e.g., direct mail, cold-calling, email prospecting, etc.), and a timeline for executing those strategies.You’ll be surprised at the difference a little marketing can make to your bottom line.

About the author:

This guest post is by Michael Law. Mike has extensive experience as a freelance journalist and online marketer, and has worked with leading Sydney immigration and compensation lawyers. If you’d like to get in touch, you can send Mike an email.

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5 Ways That Freelancers Bleed Money

5 Ways That Freelancers Bleed Money

Posted on 03. Aug, 2011 by in Essentials

5 Ways That Freelancers Bleed Money

Freelancing gives workers freedom, but pitfalls often arise that challenge profitability. Rather than earn a decent amount of money, many freelancers end up disappointed with little to show for a lot of work. Although frustration may tempt some to give up, they should instead look out for the following 5 ways that freelancers bleed money. Just a few adjustments can result in a much better bottom line.

The Coffee Tax

Many freelancers have trouble working from home all the time. So its natural to head to the local coffee shop where the Wi-Fi is free, but the coffee isn’t. Being out of the house is nice and seeing other people stimulates the mind almost as much as the coffee, but after a few drinks, a sizable portion of your income for the day has already been spent.

Try going places like the library or the airport where you can enjoy a change of pace without feeling the pressure to spend money.

Software Purchases

Freelancers take a big hit when they buy expensive software. Packages like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite are just two that seem essential, but cost a lot of money. Most of the time, software purchases are avoidable through the use of open-source or free alternatives.

Instead of Microsoft Office, freelancers can use Google Docs without losing compatibility. Word processing, spreadsheets presentations, email and calendars all come free with Google without losing Microsoft compatibility. Similarly, freelancers can use Inkscape rather than Adobe Illustrator, Instead of Adobe Creative Suite and GIMP instead of Photoshop.

Alternative applications have similar capabilities as their counterparts, yet come without their hefty price tags.

Poor Recordkeeping

Poor record keeping bleeds freelancers dry because they don’t have documentation for their expenses when tax time comes around. Unfortunately, the day before taxes are due is too late to start.

Throughout the year, freelancers should put in a little extra effort to keep receipts and document the facts surrounding them. Expenses add up quickly and so does the tax deduction at the end of the year.

Too Much Outsourcing

While completing a job, freelancers understandably must sometimes pay a third party for their expertise, but sometimes they cave into the temptation to outsource work just to make it easier. Whether writing content, producing designs or writing a software program, freelancers should do as much of the work themselves as possible to keep as much of their income from every job for themselves.

Keeping Poor Quality Clients

Freelancers often struggle to find work, so when they have clients that become drags on their time and mental health. Clients who change their requirements in mid-stream, demand too many revisions and expect additional services consume valuable time that freelancers can use to do other work.

Freelancers should keep a record of total time spent servicing a client and review if often. Those who seem to be more trouble than they are worth usually are not worth keeping. To protect their bottom line, freelancers should quickly jettison problem clients to protect their own bottom line.

Avoiding the 5 ways that freelancers bleed money listed here will help build a more profitable and successful freelance business.

This post was written by Matt from The Credit Letter an Australian personal finance blog. He also writes reviews on low interest credit cards at www.creditcardcompare.com.au.

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5 ways to save money as a Freelance Translator – Take advantage of being a Freelancer

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13 Ways to Earn Bitcoin Online

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