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8 ways to be a more organized graphic designer

8 ways to be a more organized graphic designer


Description: Looking to up your graphic design game? Get organized! When the details are clear, the job is easier and the clients are happier.

Here are 8 tips, all very easy to do, that will wrangle all those loose ends and keep your projects moving forward. Yes, many are what you’d consider Project Manager tools, but they’ll help you be a better graphic designer, art director, creative director, or freelance designer.People will think you’re a real grownup! (Don’t worry, I’m not either.)

Here’s the link to that Design Workflow Chart I mentioned in the video:

8 tips to be a more organized graphic designer

Like I said, these are all tricks I learned the hard way. They help keep all the details in focus and as we all know, graphic design means keeping track of a LOT of details! Being organized in my workflow does not come naturally for me, so these are all things I had to learn in order to compensate for that. I hope it helps you, too!

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The Secret Life of a Graphic Designer | Digital Media Arts College

The Secret Life of a Graphic Designer | Digital Media Arts College


Description: http://www.dmac.edu/ | Boca Raton, FL | Whether you’re pursuing a career as a freelance, independent or full time graphic designer, you need to have a clear understanding of what the job entails. While many of you will wear multiple job hats in the world of marketing and advertising, you might wear them all if you plan on becoming an entrepreneur. No matter what your employment status is, there’s a secret life of a GD you may not be aware of. In this blog we uncover that secret life, you’ll soon be living.

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How Much Does A Website Cost?

How Much Does A Website Cost?


Description: Here are my top 5 tips for planning your website development costs

Tip# 1 – Auto-renew Your Domain. If your domain expires, so does your website. Alternatively you can pay your web designer to manage the domain billing for you.

Tip #2 – Compare Quotes On Like-for-like Specification. Cheap web designers will result in cheap looking websites, so it is important to question if the cheap quotes include the same set of features as the more expensive ones.

Tip #3 – DIY Does Not Equate To Enterprise Level Websites. When your business grows, your website will need scaling and the quality of your site depends on your technical ability. Be willing to pay for professional help.

Tip #4 – Expect Ongoing Support Costs. Consider the ongoing support, maintenance and hosting fees.

Tip #5 – Ask For A Fixed Price Quote Up Front For Any Updates. Then you know exactly how much you will be billed in advance.

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Procuring A Web Design Firm Vs Freelance Designer

A site is more than only a device for business. It’s a piece of your “image” picture, your customer facing facade and a measure of your polished methodology. A decent site is traversable, gives simple access to merchandise, administrations or data and adequately fills the needs of its proprietor or proprietors. As you may envision, creating destinations that meet these criteria is no simple errand. While there are a great many independent website specialists accessible to browse, few of them have the experience and aptitude important to tailor a web page to fit a people particular needs.

Numerous entrepreneurs essentially utilize cost as a correlation point, which fairly supports independent people. The individuals who are sufficiently adroit to request an arrangement of different destinations, notwithstanding, typically choose to run with a firm in the wake of doing as such. It’s critical to comprehend that the advancement of maybe a couple locales is little sign of the capacity to know and have the capacity to develop a site that is valuable for your business.

The advantage of running with a firm rather than an independent individual is straightforward. Firms typically have authorities who chip away at the specific piece of your site. The individual making your design isn’t probably going to be the individual chipping away at HTML or scripting. At the point when experts handle singular parts of a venture, those perspectives get more individualized consideration. Still, unless a website architecture firm has a liquid creation convention between divisions, deferrals can happen. Taking a gander at a portfolio won’t show the measure of time or cost invades that happened when building up a site. When amassing offers from different firms, it’s vital to recollect to request no less than a relative time allotment for culmination with the goal that you can have a thought of when the work will be finished.

In the fabulous plan of things, firms can offer entrepreneurs more experience and more noteworthy tender loving care than most independent people can. Your business is not at all like whatever other and merits a group of experts devoted to taking advantage of your site. While an independent individual might be skilled at building one sort of site, who’s to state it’s the correct kind of site for what you bring to the table?