Writer Local Guides for Hotels – Freelance Writing Jobs

Writer Local Guides for Hotels – Freelance Writing Jobs

Do you have writing and selling skills? Are you interested in Travel Writing? Arrivedo.com is looking for talented individuals to help hotels publish Neighbourhood Guides.

Arrivedo works with a community of 500 international freelance writers, (including, but not limited to) journalists, travel-oriented bloggers, authors, literature and creative writing students who create Neighborhood Guides for hotels all over the world. The platform currently hosts over 500 Neighborhood Guides for hotels in more than 100 cities around the globe, providing our services to renowned international chains like JW Marriott, Waldorf-Astoria, Four Seasons, Westin Hotels & Resorts, Ritz-Carlton, as well as B&Bs, hostels and boutique hotels in remote locations around the globe.

Arrivedo Writers are independent freelancers that collaborate with Arrivedo in bringing more hotels into the platform and creating their Neighborhood Guides (NG). Writers are therefore hired by hotels to write their Neighborhood Guide (NG).

What does an Arrivedo Writer do?

  • Outreach to hotels: Approach hotels via email or in person offering to set up their profile in Arrivedo. (We provide training and resources to support you in your outreach)
  • Gather hotels local recommendations: Interview hotel staff to collect the hotel’s local recommendations and insights of their neighborhood.
  • Create a Neighborhood Guide: Use Arrivedo’s editor to create 8-10 short articles showcasing the hotel’s local recommendations from themes ranging from routes, gastronomy, nightlife, cultural activities, essential tips and more. Here is an example Neighborhood Guide from Hotel Majestic in Chicago: https://arrivedo.com/dest/en/chicago/hotel/the-majestic-hotel-3.

What are the benefits?

  • Getting certified as one of Arrivedo’s 500 international travel writers.
  • Being able to sell your writing services to any hotel in the world. Arrivedo does not take a commission from your deals with hotels. Transactions are 1-on-1 in between writers and hotels.
  • Improve your Sales skills. We train you to pitch hotels.
  • We assign you a sales coach to help you on the outreaching process and provide you with all needed material.
  • Hotels prefer to pay with free accommodation (normally 3 nights), or in other cases with a monetary payment.

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Writing less, saying more: UX lessons from the small screen

Writing less, saying more: UX lessons from the small screen


Description: Claire Mahoney
It’s easy to think of mobile apps as an abbreviation of the full desktop app experience, or as a miniature version of the “real thing”. We assume mobile users want a lighter interface, easier interactions, things they can do ‘on the go’. But what are the real differences in how we need to communicate in mobile apps and web apps? What are the new expectations placed on us as writers for any device? And what lessons can we take from the small screen to make all product communication better?
This presentation draws on the unique challenges and considerations of writing user interface (UI) copy for mobile apps, and looks at how we can use the magnified – not miniaturised – experience of the mobile user to rethink our approach to the whole product experience. The talk is centred around writing and the role of a writer, but will incorporate aspects of design, research, app development and content strategy to demonstrate the critical intersections of craft that make up great UX.
Ideally, I want people to get a renewed sense of how big (and small) the world of UX writing is and can be, to review and possibly rethink how UI and UX writing could function better in their organisation, and to have a few chuckles at my expense as I talk about my faults and failures.

Keywords: freelance writing

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvzJ-kVYFdA

Viral Content Writer/Blogger – Freelance Writing Jobs

Viral Content Writer/Blogger – Freelance Writing Jobs

Presto Media is hiring writers for entertainment listicles (10-20 entries) and viral news stories (300-500 words) in the Millennial style and tone of Buzzfeed, BoredPanda or littlethings. Freelance-basis, but plenty of work to go full time if you do great work quickly.

Assignments represent a wide variety of categories, including celebrity, lifestyle, health, true crime, animal/pet, history, science and tech (we’re looking for specialties including sports, cryptocurrency and tech currently, but let us know what competencies/subject areas you’re best at/most comfortable with in your email).

Each client has a unique style guide with customized requirements, but writers are trained by Presto Media in digital publishing best practices.

Presto Media’s assignments are accessible via a custom freelance marketplace platform, and are available as our clients request them. Most assignments pay between $15 and $30 (though some pay a lot more) and take between 20 and 90 minutes to complete, depending on length and assignment specifications.

Please visit our FAQ page for more details on the Writer role. http://faq.presto.media/learn-about-presto-media

If you’re interested in joining our freelancer team and gaining access to our assignment queue, please send writing samples to [email protected] If you’ve been published on a viral site before, great. If you have a blog, cool. If you wrote a snarky review about a local band for your college newspaper, awesome.

We hire all-comers at Presto Media. Some of our best writers are college students or stay-at-home moms who hang out on reddit or littlethings all day. Whatever your background, if your writing is good and you can adapt to our style, we’ll be happy to have you!

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Personal Finance Bloggers – Freelance Writing Jobs

Personal Finance Bloggers – Freelance Writing Jobs

We’re a startup covering personal finance, work-from-home opportunities, sharing economy, starting businesses, and living frugally. You’ll be writing 700 to 800-word blog articles on those topics.

Articles must be well researched, tight (no fluff) and actionable. SEO keywords and links to include will be provided.

A professional writing background isn’t required but preferred.

Attach a copy of your resume and at least 3 links to published articles.

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Creative Marketing Blog Copywriters That Are Vertical Savvy – Freelance Writing Jobs

Creative Marketing Blog Copywriters That Are Vertical Savvy – Freelance Writing Jobs

Creative Marketing Blog Copywriter’s That Are Vertical Savvy

You are a marketer with an uncommon talent for writing — for you, writing isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s a highly valuable skill. You know that brand voice and content marketing do more than sell a business — they tell a story and engage prospects in a memorable way. You’ve learned this simple fact by honing your content marketing skills in e-commerce and large scale retail.

You are inspired by all industries or verticals and have a diverse range of blogging experience to back up this claim. You don’t just specialize in one niche — rather, your portfolio consists of expertly crafted samples from an array of clients.

You also have a track record of creating content that drives search engine rankings and supports social media activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. SEO/SMO proficiency is your jam.

You know that great output requires great input. As a naturally curious and independent researcher, you spend your day reading and analyzing topics to find original, thoughtful ways to create content that drives success.

And, when it comes to content, you choose utility over virality — meaning, you build relationships with consumers through the written word and instill a sense of confidence and trust. You don’t just write for shock value; rather, you help them make educated and informed decisions.

You have a strong personal brand that’s full of flair and creativity with a serious energy. Your content is neither boring nor pushy — more “armchair” or casual in nature, but very engaging.

You also adapt to shifting digital strategies and technical requirements for full content optimization. You know your way around various CMS/blog platforms — in fact, we want to know which ones.

You are eager to both learn and use our exclusive CMS system – creating web-pages, uploading images, and building virtual content as requested (we provide a step-by-step tutorial for this process and those with basic HTML and/or CMS publication experience should find it highly-intuitive).

When it comes to detail, you are sharp as a tack. Your strong proofreading and self-editing skills ensure that your writing is 100% clean. You also accept edits/constructive criticism from team leads without ruffling your feathers.

You can – for the first 30 days – complete at least 10 200-word entries per week. After this trial period, you will be expected to complete between 20-25 200-word entries per week. Those who cannot meet this requirement should not apply.

if you are a content marketer that checks all the above boxes, then we want to hear from you. Please send links to your portfolio or a diverse range of writing samples.

All top-shelf candidates will be required to complete a written sample. They will also have to participate in our testing process, which includes:

One: A shared screen session, with our editing team explaining both the CMS system and our posting formats.

Two: A review of our tutorial materials, with the applicant studying all provided checklists and video examples. These materials will offer step-by-step instructions for every process and will prove invaluable to new writers.

Three: A secondary shared screen session, which the applicant will host. This will allow our editors to observe each writer as he/she uploads a sample. We’ll be able to quickly resolve any issues or concerns, ensuring that the applicant fully understands the posting process.

Those joining our team will receive payment via digital money wires or Interact email transfer every 30 days. Payment will be between $20 to $25 per post entry –

For those applicants who prove to be successful after the first 30 days, a bonus will be provided.

Apply to [email protected] OR [email protected]

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Got Financial Blogging/Writing Experience? (Social Following a Plus) – Freelance Writing Jobs

Got Financial Blogging/Writing Experience? (Social Following a Plus) – Freelance Writing Jobs

Are you you a driven financial blogger that loves to write about alternative assets, retirement planning and investment topics such as cryptocurrencies, precious metals and portfolio strategies?

Do you have an audience on social media that you want to engage better?

Our Vision

We want to help educate individuals on how to diversify and grow their wealth by investing in real assets. Our goal is to give the readers tools to make better financial decisions, instead of going with the majority and media.

Website Topics

-Alternative Assets
-Precious Metals
-Real Estate

The Opportunity

We would like to create a very high quality content media source and want to offer you an opportunity where you can treat the website as it is your own and help promote and build the brand with your current audience. We would want this price to be built into the price of each article you write for the site, so we are paying a little bit higher per article.

Here are some of the things that we expect as a writer of the website:

-write 1 to 2 articles for the website per month
-promote these articles on your social platforms
-help build community and readership
-come up with article topics and ideas based around your experience and expertise

Here are the benefits that you will get out of becoming a contributor for the website:

-Allow you to grow your own personal brand and add website to your portfolio
-Have the ability to grow with the brand and be compensated as the brand continues to grow.
-Be able to help and inspire others to learn more about money and how to use it

This will be a very rewarding opportunity for the right person because you will get the opportunity to not only share your experience with other individuals, but have the ability to build and grow your brand at the same time.

How to Apply

If interested in this opportunity please reply to [email protected] with the following information:

1. A little bit about yourself
2. Any blogs you run or blog posts that you have published
3. Topics and areas of expertise and experience
4. What price you charge per article?

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Crypto, Finance, and Fintech Writers Needed – Freelance Writing Jobs

Crypto, Finance, and Fintech Writers Needed – Freelance Writing Jobs

We are a digital marketing agency looking for freelance writers to work with us on a semi-regular basis. Our current needs are writers that are experts in cryptocurrencies, finance / financial technology. Note: We do not need any personal finance writing. Example articles:


  • https://www.paymentssource.com/opinion/cryptocurrencys-tech-can-protect-virtual-goods-and-gaming-payments
  • https://cointelegraph.com/news/crypto-markets-are-broken
  • https://venturebeat.com/2018/01/01/12-changes-that-could-shake-up-the-blockchain-world-in-2018/

Finance / Fintech

  • https://letstalkpayments.com/how-blockchain-will-revolutionize-invoice-backed-financing/
  • https://venturebeat.com/2018/01/07/5-predictions-for-2018-blockchain-bounty-hunters-and-more/
  • https://www.pehub.com/canada/2018/1/ten-canadian-startup-and-venture-capital-predictions-for-2018/

We’re looking for freelancers who are comfortable writing on these topics, and who can provide clearly written, clean articles that do not need heavy editing.

We have a strict payment structure, so please do not apply if this is not in your range:

$35 USD for a 600-word piece
$45 USD for a 800-word piece
$55 USD for a 1000- word piece

We ask for 1-2 rounds of edits, depending on the need.

Please send recent writing samples (published content preferred) on any of the topics listed.

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Reading: Jeff Suwak from Beyond the Tempest Gate

Reading: Jeff Suwak from Beyond the Tempest Gate


Description: Jeff Suwak is a writer and editor living in the Pacific Northwest. His short fiction has appeared in over thirty publications, including Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things, Plasma Frequency Magazine, The Colored Lens, and Specklit. He’s a regular contributor to Song Places, Song Facts, and The Prague Revue. He will also begin writing for the startup zine Shady Doors in May 2015.

Jeff never really thought he had a choice to be anything in life other than a writer. For him, that meant hitchhiking around the country, competing in full contact kickboxing, hiking the Appalachian Trail, becoming an Army Ranger, and about a dozen other strange adventures. His favorite writers were people like Jack London, Jack Kerouac, Ernest Hemingway, and Donn Pearce. They were men who made their lives their art, and he wanted to be the exact same kind of writer.

He’s been a technical editor, a freelance writer, an Airborne Ranger, dishwasher, a cook, a porter, a recycling technician, a construction laborer, a flooring installer, and a cross-country furniture mover. Through it all, he wrote.

Today, he writes and edits in the Pacific Northwest. It’s his favorite place in the world and he feels blessed to live there.

He writes fiction in nearly every genre, but seems to have found his niche in fantasy.

Jeff wants to ensure fans that the picture above is, indeed, of him. No models were hired. He really is that devastatingly handsome. He’s also quick witted and charming. His feet, however, are covered in soft tufts of hobbit-like hair, which some people find repulsive.

A bit of trivia about Jeff: he has two cowlicks on the back of his head that grow out like pompoms if he doesn’t get a regular haircut. If he goes a very long time without seeing the barber, his hair naturally grows into a style reminiscent of Marvel’s Wolverine’s, and that’s no joke.

In his free time he enjoys hiking, running, reading, researching random things, and writing his autobiography in third person.

Jeff is fond of being berated on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JeffSuwak

He would like to sincerely thank all who take the time to read his work. It’s an honor that still amazes him every day.

Beyond the Tempest Gate can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. His short stories No Punchline; Or, the Night Chale Thayer Blew His Head off at the Punch Drunk Comedy Club and Bag of Snakes can be purchased at Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, and most places where ebooks are sold.

Keywords: freelance writing

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBD6idRNSEM