The Great Graphic Design Debate: Mac Vs PC

The Great Graphic Design Debate: Mac Vs PC

If you are in the graphic design industry, or thinking about joining, you’ve probably been faced with the quintessential question of: Mac or PC. The debate regarding which better suits the needs of a graphic design professional rages just as raucously today and remains just as contentious as ever.

The debate between the Mac and the PC is a massive topic that has generated a lot of interest in the computer industry.

Generally speaking Macs appear to be the graphic design industry favourite, while PC’s are preferable in the business world. However, when making the decision it’s still important to consider a variety of important factors when making your decision.

Graphics, colours and font variety are a key element to consider when you work within the graphic design industry. Having a computer that makes work with these three things easy and transferable between computers is extremely important. Apple has always established their brand as being a very design focused computer, often surpassing PC’s in many regards. Mac colour calibration and display is often more accurate, and more configurable.

The software that is unique to PC and Mac is another factor that graphic designers should consider when purchasing a machine to work on. All of the major applications, including the Adobe Creative Suite, are developed for both platforms. But, because Mac is more design focused, programs specifically made for the purpose of design have emerged and are exclusive only to those who use Macs. Some of the best professional apps are unique only to Macs. Apps such as best pro apps are tailored for it like TextMate, BBEdit, Final Cut Pro, Reason etc. In saying that though, if your work is focused in a particular faculty of graphic design, such as 3-D animation or game design, the programs available for PC are quite outstanding, especially considering the PC reputation as being a gamer’s computer.

There are other smaller details that make Macs more useable than PC’s. Short cuts, easy and obvious function buttons make using a Mac considerably less time consuming and frustrating than a PC, though there are those that argue that these characteristics of the Mac detracts from the traditional computer experience. Macs have also been reported as being significantly more reliable that PC’s. They crash far less than PC’s and experience less screen freezes. In terms of how this relates to the work of a graphic designer, having a faster and more consistently reliable machines means that you can remain confident that your work isn’t going to be lost or your work flow isn’t going to be constantly disrupted. As a graphic designer you often find yourself working with delicate and tedious scopes of work. Precision when working is a fundamental part of being a successful graphic designer, so having a machine that can accommodate to that is of particular importance.

Ultimately, the people behind Macs are very well aware of their primary audience and so they create and deliver equipment and programs accordingly. The scope for PC is a lot broader than a Mac, though that is certainly not to say that the use of a Mac is limited to just graphic design. The strength of the Mac remains firmly attributed to its brilliance in the area of design, where as a PC is less specific to design and more invested in other areas of computer usage.

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